ensunpal store 6.3cm Squeeze Ball Smile Face Hand Wrist Exercise Stress Relief Toy Venting Ball

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  • Size is approx:Dia 6.3CM
  • Material:PU Rubber
  • Color:Randomly(Yellow Blue Green Red Orange)
  • Package include:1 x Squeezing venting ball

Product Description

1.Squeeze Ball that will make you relaxed your hands. It made of rubber PU.
2.It allows the holder to exercise all of the cells effectively.
3.Exercises to strengthen the finger knuckles without injury. Do it to help relieve strained .
4.At hand and fingers that often occurs when you wake up.
5.It also helps the blood circulation in the hands.
6.The balls are also useful in the relief of stress.
7.If you feel angry, but do not know how to vent.
8.Flexible soft awesome stress relief squeeze venting balls.
9.Size is approx:Dia 6.3CM
10.Material:PU Rubber
11.Color:Randomly(Yellow Blue Green Red Orange)

Package include
1 x Squeezing venting ball

Product Detail

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