EVERMARKET 2 Sets (4 tubes) Lashes Mascara English Version (Gel & Fiber) Set - Brush on False Eyelashes

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  • Brush on False Eyelashes
  • instantly lengthen your eyelash by 100% - 300%
  • 2 Sets (4 tubes)
  • EVERMARKET is a registered trademark and is protected by US law.

Product Description

Net Weight: 12ml.
A perfect fit, smooth, comfortable and of best quality. The combination that creates the perfect eyelash.
The formula encompasses the magical gel property that enables you to have perfect make-up for the whole day 3D Green Tea Natural Fiber 100% natural, like the natural eyelash.
It is organic with no stimulating side effects on application. (Net Weight: 3g)

How to Use: Apply the Mascara Gel on Eye Lash, and then apply the fiber from Eye lash root until end before the transplanting gel dry You will realize your eye lash extended 100% and two times thicker Continue applying the fiber at eye lash one third end area Apply the transplanting gel to completely color the fiber and eye lash. See the amazing result 100%
New Color: Black Black Mascara Gel + Fiber Lash = 2 Piece = 1 Set Method to remove the make-up: Apply some warm water on the eye-lash and wait for a few minutes for the water to infiltrate the eyelash. When the gel has softened, the eyelash can be taken off. No make-up removal product is required and no traces of removal can be seen around the vicinity of the eyes. There will also be no impact on the natural eyelash.

Product Detail

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